Christian (patented) the asparagus harvestingmachine for green (and purple) asparagus.

After the introduction of Chrisje and Chris for the non-selective harvest of white asparagus, Christiaens expended the family with a new brother: Christi-AN. Christian is patented and is a harvesting machine for green asparagus. Christian is rear tractor mounted.

Chrisje and Chris have been helping asparagus growers harvesting white asparagus for several years. As a result, Christiaens was asked whether these machines can also be used for harvesting green asparagus. This cannot work as the harvesting of white and green asparagus is not comparable.

This is the reason Christiaens have been researching and testing for a new way of harvesting for a long time to also help growers with green asparagus. The first prototype was tested in 2019. Based on this, Christian was born who was further tested, optimized and improved during the 2020 season. In 2020, there was also research commissioned on non-selective harvesting of green asparagus.

The speed of the machine depends on the capacity of the 1-3 people who sort the asparagus from the belt on the back of the machine, with a maximum of 6Km/Hour.

The machine has a variable adjustable harvest height. With an automatic cutting height adjustment for the correct cutting result. The green asparagus is cut just above the ground with a specially designed band saw. The knife of this cutting system cuts the asparagus very straight, so that there is minimal cutting loss during later processing. If necessary the knife is easy to replace. The asparagus is brought up to a working height by a belt. This ensures good working conditions. They fall on 2 grading belts. People on the machine pick up the asparagus from the belts, pre-sort it and put it in boxes. They can put boxes under the belts where the product, or a part of it, falls in. Maximum space has been created for empty and full boxes on the racks at the top and bottom of the machine. The entire machine is driven hydraulically. Christian, like both brothers, is agile and requires minimal space to turn. 

If the machine also has to perform in less favourable conditions a track system is preferable. Chris can now also be used to harvest green asparagus. The dimensions of Christian’s harvesting head are such that it also fits in the big brother Chris. Both Christian and big brother Chris ensure labour saving, improvements of working conditions and better planning. 

Like all Christiaens machines, reliability, maintenance, friendly service and a long machine life time have been taken into account.